Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Moroccan Oil | Review

If you have never tried the MoroccanOil line then maybe this review will help you decide which products of the line might be good for your hair type.  I have curly hair, colored treated(red), dry, frizz, and honestly damage due to the amount of color I need to do to maintain my red hair; however I tried not to blow dry or use any heat in my hair if is possible so I would say that it truly does help the condition of my hair. I've tried several product of this line and some I have loved and some I haven't.

The Moisture repair shampoo and conditioner is one my least favorite and that's because it simply doesn't moisture nor repair my hair as I thought it would. One thing that really drags people into the line is the smell because it does have a fragrance scent that lingers in your hair throughout the day. This formula is meant for those with weakened hair and in need to reconstruct the hair since its enriched with keratin. Its not a shampoo or conditioners to be used daily, I believe is only to be used after your hair has been through chemical and you are in serious needs of protein other than that the keratin will even make your hair look dryer and lifeless.

Restorative hair mask is truly one of my favorite but like the repair shampoo and conditioner ONLY after i've gotten my hair colored because coloring makes my hair look dry and completely a disaster. What I love to do is shampoo my hair, apply the mask and leave it in throughout the day while wearing a bun and then rinse it at night or my other favorite way of using it would be washing my hair at night and wear it throughout the night and in the morning rinsing it off. this mask is truly a holy grail to bring my hair moisture and protein that have been lost through coloring. You could also put it under a blow dryer to get the most out of the mask if you'll like.

Intense hydration mask is also one of my favorite because it really hydrate and bring back shine to the hair as well.  I used this mask the same way as the restorative mask but I like to add the oil at the ends of hair since those are usually the dryer parts. I tried using this mask at least two times a month.

Intense curl cream is for use curly hair that can't leave without leave in conditioners however I do find that there are times I use this product it tends to make my hair feel heavy throughout the day. it does give the moisture and shine that we curly want but this is definitely for longer curly hair girls. I want to try their hydration cream they have to be able to compare both of them.

Luminous hairspray in medium give you a flexible hold but apply it with caution, if you used a big too much it will leave a strong feel. I do like that is infuse it with argan oil because it does help tame the frizz so that always a plus in my book.

And of course mostly this line is known for is their famous MoroccanOil Treatment. There's so many ways to used this products that there's no reason why you wouldn't want to give it a try, they also have a formula designed for light color hair or fine hair. The treatment can be used as of course an over all oil to control frizz or give you hair some shine. It can be used as a preshampoo (which I love preshampoo) for those of curly that have a lot of problem getting sufficient oil throughout the hair. It could also be used in wet or dry hair.

They recently came out with their new collection smooth for unruly and frizz which i really want to try because my frizz is sometimes out of control since the weather in south Florida is just way toooo crazy!!

xoxoxo Laura

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