Friday, August 8, 2014

Laura Mercier| Foundation Primer Oil-Free

So I decided to purchase this primer and give it a try because I was in the market for a new primer since believe it or not benefit Porefessional is just not giving me the finish I'm looking for anymore, I'll be going more in depth about it in another post.(stay tune). Anyways, this primer is definitely not the only that you want to try if you're on the  oily side as I am  because let me tell you that you're going to end up looking like a grease ball by midday!! Even though its meant for those girl that have oily skin, and suppose to give you a matte finish it totally does the opposite. At first I though that it might had be something else that I was using in conjunction but  I wasn't using anything else that I normally wouldn't use, so the primer had to be it.. I gave it a try more for a few more days and indeed the primer was giving me a grease ball look, I'm referring to it as grease ball because it wasn't a normal dewy skin look. My makeup was melting of my skin! It feel lightweight and feel super nice when you're applying it but I just simply didn't like the look a few hours later. I'm the kind of person that I must apply a primer because I do believe that it protects my skin. So when it come to this product I dont recommended to those of you have oily skin and looking for a matte finish look or simply want to try a new primer  because there's so many other that are soooo much better.

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